Welcome to Townsville Tree Loppers


Welcome to Our Tree Care Company!

Are you looking for a tree care company? Trees, hedges, and shrubs can be considered a part of your property, but oftentimes, you can find problems like overgrowing or pest infection. In such care, you will need professional tree care services.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of tree services that help keeping your trees healthy and safe.


At our company, we put our emphasis on helping our customers take care of their trees the easy way. We tackle each job with care and with a focus on open communication and getting the job done right the first time.


Our tree care professionals have over 10 years experience working with residential, commercial tree care projects of all sizes across the state. We know the job and we can work with you to install, maintain and take care of your trees.


At our company, we only use the top-quality construction equipment and industry-leading technologies. For years, we’ve been working hard to earn a reputation for quality and work ethics. Contact us today for a free consultation.